Record Store Day 2019

Maybe Mars is celebrating Record Store Day 2019 with a special show featuring three of the labels most celebrated new acts and three new 7″ vinyl releases. Join us at Beijing’s YUE Space on Sunday, April 21 to catch the bands and for your chance to pick up these special releases.

Lonely Leary

Over the past few years, many of China’s bands have been marked by a post-punk simplicity, but Lonely Leary is undoubtedly one of the most fierce. The band’s signature style brings together a combination of fast drums, rough bass, and sharp guitar into tense and aggressive shards of blissful noise. In the spring of 2018, the band released its debut album “Through the Park, Almost There”, and completed their first domestic and European tours in the summer and autumn of the same year. A year later, and they bring us two new songs for Record Store Day pressed on two new splits, one backed by Dear Eloise and the other by Nanjing’s Streets Kill Strange Animals.

Streets Kill Strange Animals

Get rid of the framework of traditional rock music, free yourself from the melody of chords and scales, fill the space with noise, dissonance and atonal music, blend together everything harsh, the impact tears the eardrum of the listener and their minds… Since their last album tour, this habitual low-key band seems to have disappeared from our sight, but resounding memories remain. Fans familiar with them must know that every time Streets Kills Strange Animals return it’s with a surprising new sound, and this concert will include new material from this Street Killer.

Muzzy Mum

For many years, Muzzy Mum walked on the edge of Xinxiang’s rock music scene, pure and independent. The marvelous collision of the band’s members is presented on Muzz’s dramatic, expressive stage. The band has no defined style, but brings unlimited fantasy and possibilities. Like most excellent Chinese bands, Muzzy Mum’s lyrics have the temperament of the 1990s, and are straightforward. Under the expression of colloquialism, the information conveyed is greater than the text. The beautiful bass melody and the post-punk sharp guitars create a breathtaking sense of movement and darkness. At least with Muzzy Mum, 1+1+1+1+1 is greater than 5. The band officially signed to Maybe Mars in February. Their debut album will be released this year. This performance is their first after signing to the label, and one we are greatly looking forward to.

Limited quantities of our Record Store Day 2019 releases will be available at the show. 

Dear Eloise / Lonely Leary split 7″

Streets Kill Strange Animals / Lonely Leary split 7″

P.K.14 “你就让自己漂浮在陌生的城市里 / 星期六的节奏” 7″