A Letter From China


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A Letter From China (2014) is SMZB’s boldest album yet, a direct and unflinching indictment of the social ills plaguing China’s rise in the 21st century. The album couldn’t be formally released in the band’s home country, as its cover blatantly references the 25th anniversary of the June 4 Tiananmen Square massacre, an event the government to this day censors from the national conversation. In terms of its sound, A Letter From China continues the Wuhan legends’ preoccupation with Scottish punk, employing bagpipes and tin whistles for melodic, throaty sing-alongs throughout. Standout tracks include “Smash His Statue”, a rallying call to not only question, but assault the cult of personality that still hangs on the image of the long-departed Chairman Mao; and “Violence in Public”, a vicious reprisal of the more barbaric elements of State-sanctioned repression. American punk magazine Maximum Rock’n’roll called A Letter From China “one of the boldest protest albums in Chinese history,” and it stands as a bold and brash epitomization of SMZB vocalist Wu Wei’s deadly-serious mission statement: “Only by studying the past can one avoid making the same mistakes.”

Released: Sept 27, 2014

Formats: CD

Catalog #MM60

Tracks: 14 songs