New P.K.14 album out on October 19, 2018

After five years, we are excited to announce that P.K.14’s new full-length album, “What We Talk About When We Talk About His Name” is set to be released in China on October 19, 2018. When the color of “love” gradually darkens and the conversation changes from “love” to “his name,” we know that the familiar P.K.14 has returned.

When you first see the album name, you may be wondering who is “he,” or what does this title mean. But maybe we don’t have to go into the meaning of it. They are not the narrators of the story, but the performers of life. After five years, they’re only expressing the scenes of life they have experienced reimagined or fantasized again through music. A collection of fragments that are unclear. Time has passed, how do they talk about “his name?” How do we talk about P.K.14?