Dream Can Australia Tour Review

Dream Can
Australia Tour Review

Nov 1-3 – Adelaide, OzAisa Festival
Wed Nov 7 – Adelaide, Hotel Metropolitan
Fri Nov 9 – Melbourne, Federation Square & The Tote
Mon Nov 12 – Melbourne, The Old Bar
Mon Nov 14 – Melbourne, The Lyrebird Lounge
Sat Nov 17 – Melbourne, The Yarra Hotel

Dream Can’s first show in Australia was at the Adelaide OzAsia Festival where they participated in an interactive art project and received great feedback! You can find a review of the whole performance on Collage Adelaide’s website.

Here is the message you asked for … don’t tell anyone else was the most bizarre yet delightful show I have seen in a long time. – Natalie Carfora

After the stage show, Dream Can’s Australia tour formally began.

Wed Nov 7Adelaide Hotel Metropolitan

And to our surprise, the first station in Adelaide was beyond expectations. Despite being a rainy Wednesday, the venue was full!

The passionate fans bought almost half the merch we brought from China!

Fri Nov 9Melbourne Federation Square

The next show was held in Melbourne’s Federation Square, a free show in the center of the city.

(Photo by David Norris)

(Photo by David Norris)

Immediately after the performance, we received an invitation from the local band The Electric Guitars. They said that they really appreciated Dream Can’s music and hoped we perform again tonight for their show “Can You Handle the Acid Test” at the legendary venue the Tote! We were super happy and accepted right away.

Sun Nov 11Triple R Radio interview

After watching the show on November 9 at Federation Square, the host of “Under the Sun Radio Show “Jonathan invited Dream Can to perform on air.