Wisdom Teeth

The Wisdom Teeth started in San Dun town of Hangzhou suburbs in 2014. They play rock music all in Chinese. After some member changes and genre exploring, the Wisdom Teeth confirmed recording lineup in 2016 summer with vocal Wangnian, bass player Jingjing, drummer Bang Zhu and guitar player Tao Zhen. They finished debut album recording with Yang Haisong in his studio Psychic Kong. Afterwards, bass player left China to study in France, the Wisdom Teeth then paused. In March 2017, PJ joined band as new bass player. But after supporting P.K.14’s Hangzhou show in June 2017, the Wisdom Teeth announced breaking up.

The Wisdom Teeth took the essence of post-punk, the beauty of loneliness and darkness. Elegant bass line, delicate synthesizer blending in and two different tones from guitars interacting, all these made them stand out from other post-punk bands.

No doubt, the Wisdom Teeth was influenced by classic post-punk bands like Joy Division, the Wire and P.K.14. But you can also see other two short-life Chinese rock bands, Nezha (哪吒) and Qi Ba Dian (七八点)’s influence. Two guitars made them different from other post-punk bands. One got punk’s distortion,chords and strum. Unexpected riff gave good rhythm to the music. The other was adept at effects. It built the dreamy and colorful surroundings for the Wisdom Teeth’s music.

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Hangzhou, China


Wangnian - Vocals

PJ - Bass

Bang Zhu - Drums

Tao Zhen - Guitar

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