The Gar

The Gar was founded in 2007. They followed conventions, sang in Chinese, and didn’t mess around with form; straightforward, no gimmicks. The Gar is one of the few bands that still insist on writing and singing all their songs in Chinese. They know what they are singing about and their fans do too.

They aimed to create music that would resonate with listeners’ experiences and take root in their hearts. In every reincarnation of the music scene there are artists that give voice to the timeless passions of the youth, and in the current setting of Chinese independent music it is the Gar’s music that epitomizes this generation. Gar has always been loyal to the idea that music should be free and uninhibited. Each of their songs has a thoughtful core of picturesque disorder, but remains eloquently and powerfully melodic. The instrumentation faultlessly amplifies the essence of the lyrics, brings the emotions to life, and takes everything to the next level.

Soon after The Gar’s last album release, three years ago, their bass player Wen Jie left the band, which deeply affected the band members’ musical work and life as a whole. This period of time served as an inspiration for The Gar’s most recent work, namely “Love will lost your love”, “Train”, “Time cue” and “Black hole” but it wasn’t until Bo Xuan joined The Gar that the band was truly complete and back on track again. The Gar put together “The City of Burning Identities”, their new EP, for which they invited the drummer of Sober band and famous Chinese producer Guo Yihuan to help out. The EP was released on Maybe Mars records September 2012.

The Gar’s sound turned more calm and orderly and even a shade clearer. The singer Zhan Pan also started using his voice differently thus distancing his singing style greatly from the previous records. As a result, loyal fans of The Gar might find these developments shocking, while those who listen to their music for the first time will be impressed by the uniqueness that distinguishes The Gar from the sound of other urban bands.

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Beijing, China


Zhan Pan - Vocals / Guitar

Wen Jie - Bass

Wang Xu - Drums

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