Founded in 1996, SMZB was one of the first punk bands to form in China and the first to originate from Wuhan, one of the cities at the heart of China’s burgeoning underground music scene. Drawing their own influences from Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly, and interpreting these influences in response to the massive and out-of-control social transformations taking place in their hometown and throughout China, SMZB is widely recognized as one of China’s most influential bands.

A trio when they first began playing smoky clubs and small performance spaces in their home town, SMZB subsequently went through several personnel changes and evolved into a quartet by 2002. During the early years, the band kept up a rigorous schedule of shows and tours throughout China and abroad. In 2004 SMZB toured across Southeast Asia and in 2005 they completed their first European tour with the help of Norway’s October Party Records. In 2006 the band changed their line-up yet again, replacing their guitar and bass players and adding a flute & tin whistle to complete the current five member line-up. Through these changes SMZB has grown and developed, smashing together in their music a melange of Chinese influences, Celtic noise, and straight punk fury, which has resulted in a unique style that is instantly recognizable.

The members of SMZB have played active roles in the explosion of music in China. Since the very beginnings of China’s underground rock scene, founding members Wu Wei and Hu Juan have been active promoting shows, booking tours for foreign bands, and helping younger punk bands gain a foothold in the industry. SMZB was also active in the foundation of the Wuhan Riot Group, a collective of Wuhan punk bands that was instrumental in forging the Wuhan underground music scene. The group continues to serve as role models for a whole generation of Chinese punk rockers and after ten years are considered one of the key bands in the explosive Chinese music scene.

Their sixth CD, Ten Years Rebellion, was recorded in Wuhan and mixed in Norway and is only their second CD to be released by an independent label in China.Their latest CD Sin Harmony was released by Maybe Mars in 2010. Following this CD release, SMZB performed in 2011 at Beijing Midi Music Festival, Nanjing Interbational Music Festival and MLGB Your 2011 Hangzhou New Year Rock Party.

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Wuhan, China


Wu Wei - Vocals / Guitar

Xu Bi - Guitar

Matt - Bass

Tudou - Banjo

Pigu - Drums

Tang - Bagpipe

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