The place we live in is just like a city of heartbreak ‘n horror.

In the times we live, it is said that, black & white, nobility & baseness, the poor & the rich, ugliness & beauty, secret & naked deals, construction sites, love, religion, culture and fashion, are all symbols of the city. Here, horror movies and sad stories surround us every day; none of us can be an outsider. We are truly alive, we have our own personalities, we are the most wonderful part of this heartbroken & horrible city. Shouting from our bodies, with every inch of our nerves, chasing what we want, running under cover of the dark city.
So it was that they named their debut album, CITY OF HEARTBREAK ‘N HORROR.

Rustic caught people’s eyes after their first show ever in Beijing and were soon signed by pioneering indie label, Maybe Mars.
In the 21st century, in such troubled times, science, culture and art are connected all over the world. So, Rustic participated in the GBOB (Global Battle of the Bands), competing with the other 19 bands from different countries despite the risk of being attacked by European volcano emissions. Unexpectedly but reasonably, they beat all the other bands and received the hallowed title of ‘GBOB World Champion’. But of course, they didn’t much care for that kind of accolade – they just went for the 10,000 US Dollars prize money and the chance of playing in the UK!
Whether they are so called ‘real’ punk, it’s difficult to say. But in China, they represent a kind of new attitude for the now-a-day punk.

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Beijing, China


Li Yan - Vocals / Guitar

Guo Wenwang - Bass

Li Fan - Drums

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