Run Run Run

The brainchild of Xiao Dou, Run Run Run fuses the vivid minimal chord odysseys of The Velvet Underground, the psychedelic menace of Apocalypse Now, and the jangly pop finesse of The Beatles (though only just enough for your head to breach water), implanting these ideas into the chilly mountains, humid jungles, and underground caves of southern China, where mellowed-out grooves and layers of freewheeling guitar dissonance can easily sweep you away.

A student of the erhu, the two-stringed instrument that has for centuries conveyed a wide range of emotions and informs much of the band’s approach to creating music, Xiao Dou dived head first into the underground music scene in Beijing, working as a sound engineer for bands and livehouses across the capital – ground zero for the guitarist’s budding talents.

A few years later Xiao Dou started his first band DICE, which featured a rotating cast of talented musicians and a freewheeling psych avant-garde sound with a blues bent. They made some noise, amassed some fans but it wasn’t meant to be, and Xiao Dou soon found himself moving back to Guiyang in 2014 to start afresh, and out of the ashes arose Run Run Run.

After a couple of watershed gigs there in 2015, the band signed to Maybe Mars.

In 2017 Xiao Dou moved back to Beijing where he and his new bandmates, including Mao Te on drums, Lao Yu on guitar, and YouYou on bass, continued to sculpt their sound, their prose, and more importantly their rapport with one another. And in the fall of 2018, the band headed to Psychic Kong Studios to record their debut album.

There was no rehearsal, no practice – they instead relied on one another, communicating new ideas and exploring the nooks and crannies of their sound with aplomb and curiosity, just as Xiao Dou had explored the caves of Guiyang as a kid – finding his way through the subterranean labyrinths – full of twists and turns shrouded in endless mystery and hypnotic allure.

In the years to come, the band looks to continue guiding listeners through undiscovered and wondrous new musical terrain. An adventure worth taking.

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Guiyang, China


Xiao Dou - Guitar / Vocals

Cao Fan - Bass

Zheng Jie - Drums

Deng Ruirui - Keyboard

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