Muzzy Mum

For many years, Muzzy Mum walked on the edge of the Xinxiang rock scene, pure and independent. The marvelous collision of the band members is presented on the dramatic, expressive stage of Muzzy Mum. It has no defined style, but it will bring you unlimited fantasy and possibilities.

Muzzy Mum was founded in 2012, and it was not until 2017 that the band held the first special performance in Xinxiang. The band’s few performances have been uploaded as early as 2013. In addition to sporadic performances and low-profile propaganda, participants who may even be in the Xinxiang music scene mentioned that they would think that life and death are not clear. But by word of mouth, they have long become a secret song list for music lovers.

In last year’s article on the Xinxiang music scene, Street Sound wrote: If there are five bands performing in Xinxiang, there may be a total of six people. This is also true of Muzzy Mum’s guitarists, Wang Xubo plays guitar in the Fallacy and Niu Fei dominates the band Backlight Radio. Their bass player Wang Yang is in the band Free Motive and the drummer Yang Baobin was the first drummer of the Fallacy….. Several bands with different styles and different music backgrounds constitute the temperament of Muzzy Mum.

Muzzy Mum’s lyrics have the temperament of the 1990s, and they are straightforward. Under the expression of colloquialism, the information conveyed is greater than the text. The beautiful bass melody and the post-punk sharp guitar chords are reminiscent of the Joy Division and the Birthday Party. For Muzzy Mum, 1+1+1+1+1 is greater than 5.

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Xinxiang, China


Xia Tian - Vocals

Wang Xubo - Guitar

Niu Fei - Guitar

Wang Yang - Bass

Yang Baobin - Drums

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