Mr. Graceless

In late summer 2009, three good friends decided to perform at University Night at Beijing club D-22. This trio formed Mr. from their all male line-up and Graceless from the lyrics to the Rolling Stones Wild Horses. The three friends wrote and rehearsed their songs in a basement at Beijing’s University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. They used a laptop and basic software to record their improvisations and rehearsals。

Mr.Graceless’ album “The Tree Ever Green” is the account of their youth’s mood, a part of this era’s memory of the voice of youth. This record is not merely their music it is their farewell to years past.

The entire album presents Mr.Graceless’ habit of persistently making independent rock and roll and their partiality for graceful melody, 11 songs accompanying the band as they mature included one by one on the album—they have recorded all the verdant days of these “gentlemen.” There is no showing off to please the crowd, no onerous and longwinded philosophizing. Jiulong’s cool and compact drumbeat, Yuanshuai’s gentle and contemplative bassline combined with the sometimes crazy sometimes reserved sound of Qiushuang’s guitar creates a sweet-sounding result. Not to forget the wonderful two and three voice harmonies, another of their specialties.

In this deathly boring world there is always music that can rescue you, make you as before, bring you out of the vacuum to look for warmth, birth strength from your despair, and help you find a companion in solitude. Youth will no doubt die yet the evergreen will never fade.

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Beijing, China


Zhang Quishuang - Vocals / Guitar

Yuan Shuai - Vocals / Bass

Zhao Jiulong - Drums

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