Low Wormwood

The band Low Wormwood was spawned in a corner of Lanzhou, and since its inception has inspired fans with its distinctive philosophy and independence. Their style is impassioned and forceful but not artificial, and always strikes close to the heart. Their music is independent and psychedelic, and evolves from simple ballads to experimental odysseys. Their yearly tours have earned them a passionate and loyal fanbase, and their debut album justified their reputation as one of the best bands in Lanzhou and Northwest China.

After the strong release of their debut album, the band put out their second record We Can’t Help Kissing Each Other at the end of 2008. This album showcased the band’s growing maturity, and the album gained acclaim for its fluent and beautiful soundscapes. Each of the ten tracks demonstrated the bands experimental instrumentation. The album was also lauded for the tragic, sensitive, and poetic lyrics. This emphasis on lyrical expressionism is a hallmark of the band. The album conveyed the band members strong feelings about their chaotic environment, and listeners responded passionately to the despair, hope, and radicalism that define Low Wormwoods work.

The album took 6 months to prepare, from song selection to the final mix and postproduction. The album benefitted greatly from the work of experienced sound engineer Yuan Tianfeng of Lanzhou, and expert mix-work from Dou Yimin.

Low Wormwood’s new album Lanzhou Lanzhou is released under Maybe Mars’ folk branch label Maybe Horse. Liu Kun, the front man of Low Wormwood says “Recording this album was just like being in love.” And as a Lanzhou band, this Lanzhou clue runs through the whole album in every song. Unlike other folk bands from northwest of China, Low Wormwood’s songs are more gentle and soft, as warm as Lanzhou noodles. The titled song Lanzhou Lanzhou hit No.2 on the Douban music chart and got “The best folk song of 2011” in t h e Douban Music Awards.

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Lanzhou, China


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