Liu Kun

Liu Kun, born in Zhelaizhai in the late 1980s, firmly believes that he is the descendent of a Roman soldier stationed in Zhelaizhai over 2000 years ago. However, in opposition to his martial forbearer, Liu Kun has dedicated himself to the arts. As a small child, he was constantly onstage dancing, singing, and playing drums and guitar. These youthful antics were the source of Lins dream: to be a professional performer. As a university student in Lanzhou he became a sincere and dedicated lover of drama. He joined the school drama troupe, wrote and performed plays, and pushed his company to success with his insatiable energy. He even landed a feature program on the local TV station.

As graduation day drew nearer, Liu Kun shifted his focus from drama to his life-long friend: Rock & Roll. His braveness, purity, and persistence propelled him on a successful musical career. He was the founding lead singer of the band Rust on the lip, which now performs as Low Wormwood. Every year he leads the band on a tour of China. The group has made several albums.

In his spare time, Liu Kun plays football, meets friends and plans art exhibitions. He produced a modern art exhibition called Replacement in Lanzhou in 2007. This show presented his works Sound Field in Lanzhou and Talk, in addition to the work of young artist Wang Dong. In 2009, he produced another art exhibit, this time themed around sound and mechanics.

He met Michael, CEO of Maybe Mars Records, in Beijing during October 2008. Finding their musical philosophies to be very similar, Liu Kun joined Maybe Mars and co-founded Maybe Horse, a folk sub-label under Maybe Mars, with fellow artist Xiao He. He published his first solo record in 2010.

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Lanzhou, China

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