Considered by many to be China’s greatest underground band, Joyside was formed by Xinzhiang refugee Bian Yuan in 2001, in a dark dank basement in the north of Beijing. After three years of playing small clubs in Beijing, literally for beer and cigarette money, they lazily released their debut album, Drunk is Beautiful, whose name comes as close to expressing Joyside’s ferociously decadent aesthetic as any three words can.

With five CDs to their name and the well-deserved reputation as China’s greatest indie band, they consider themselves to be bitches of rock ‘n’ roll, addicted to the music and the mad posturing of the pre-punk New York scene.

Besides being one of most hard-working bands in China, playing Beijing clubs regularly and touring China, in April, May and June of 2007 Joyside embarked on a major European tour playing sold-out shows in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and England. During the tour they were widely featured in the European press and German television. They have been featured as the main band in Beijing Bubbles, a German documentary on the Chinese underground scene released in 2007, and in several other documentaries and histories of Chinese rock and roll. In September 2007 That’s Beijing listed them as one of the top ten bands in China.

After short term relax, released their last e.p. . The e.p. is double disks and equipped with 6 new songs, the dvd is a documentary of their 2007 europe tour. From Booze at Neptune’s Dawn, Joyside had pulled back the perverse violent style. Instead, they start to use the romantic melody to express the fantasy and sorrow after drunk. Their nothingness is no way derives from 70’s New York or , but from their attitude deep inside. Joyside has really changed. Their music is no longer the weapon for resistance but the media to convey emotions. As a result, the melody is more fluent and the composing is more fruitful.

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Beijing, China


Bian Yuan - Vocals

Liu Hao - Bass

Xiao Hong - Guitar

Guan Zhong - Drums

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