Hiperson is a five-piece rock band from Chengdu, China. Unlike previous generations of Chinese musicians, these twenty-somethings reject the shackles of recent history, harkening back to the essential, sensitive, poetic golden age of rock’n’roll. Their temperament of refreshing simplicity has led Hiperson on a path of rapid achievement. Frontwoman Chen Sijiang’s unique voice, brilliant and gorgeous as it is, does not draw the audience’s full attention away from Hiperson’s compelling bass-lines or the complex, precise rhythmic interplay between drums and guitar.

In the second decade of the 21st century, Hiperson has become the leader of a new generation of Chinese rock musicians beginning to revisit the expressive charm of their native tongue. The band’s frankly honest lyrics are all written by Chen Sijiang, an art school graduate with a background in painting. Through a series of poetic passages from song to song, her words lead the listener to the edge of danger, through landscapes of cold reality, oscillating between daily life and illusion.

But this is not Romantic music. Though this form of expression belongs to the rare domain of some of the greatest singers in the history of rock music, it’s open to constant re-interpretation, never restricted by the form of rock’n’roll itself. Hiperson, these five young artists, come out of the blue, leaving the first footprints on a new path with their slow, steady march.

Hiperson released their debut album, I Don’t Want Another History, in April 2015. The album was produced by Yang Haisong and released on CD and double vinyl LP by Maybe Mars Records.

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Chengdu, China


Chen Sijiang - Vocal

Ji Yinan - Guitar / Vocal

Liu Zetong - Guitar

Wang Minghui - Bass

Wang Boqiang - Drums

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