Future Orients

Future Orients (formerly The Eat) is a four-piece rock band from Beijing, China. They formed in the tumult of 2012, when their spiritual home, legendary rock dive D-22, was on its last legs. They started gigging regularly in the following years at D-22’s reincarnation, XP, fusing influence from UK indie stalwarts Foals and Mogwai with a homegrown, Beijing take on psychedelic freakout rock, dance punk, and kosmische electronica to present their own sonic brew: not quite pretty, but infectious; not quite crazy, but undeniably intense.

Future Orients made their noise heard in Beijing in 2015, stepping out into the limelight in a primetime opening slot for kindred spirits Chui Wan in June of that year. They subsequently signed with Beijing’s premiere indie rock label, Maybe Mars. They released their debut album — Eat or Die, produced by Beijing art rock godfather Yang Haisong — in September 2016.

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Beijing, China


Wang Yingnan - Vocals / Guitar

Guo Zhen - Guitar

Peng Chao - Bass / Keyboard

Zhang Yongguo - Drums

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