Demerit formed in 2003, blistering Beijing’s ears from the start with their precise mix of DIY gutter-punk sensibilities and unapologetically hardcore sounds. Their founder and sole constant member, Li Yang (better known as Spike), moved as a high schooler from his hometown in China’s Shandong province to the capital, where he carved out a meager existence on the city’s fringes and set about recruiting co-conspirators.

Demerit steadily gained a following within Beijing’s punk scene, shredding songs about the disintegrating societal effects of war and capitalism. In 2007 they recorded their debut album – Bastards of the Nation – with famed Public Enemy producer/bassist Brian Hardgroove. Demerit has expanded their reach since then, participating in the 2012 Vans Warped Tour and playing widely across Asia and Europe.

Since 2013, Spike has multiplied his efforts to include DMC, which started as a venue in Beijing’s far-flung Tongzhou district and now persists as a label to release fresh, fast & furious punk coming out of China’s fringes today. Though its members are flung across different corners of the country, Demerit regularly unites to inflict conscious and thoughtful mayhem on the modest masses that gather each time they take the stage.

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Qingdao, China


Spike - Vocals / Bass

Li Zhen - Guitar

Yuan Xin - Guitar

Han Guang - Drums

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