Dear Eloise

Dear Eloise is one of the best-kept secrets of Beijing’s underground music scene. After bursting onstage in 2007, the group has gained a devoted following in the fast-paced Beijing music community. Dear Eloise is composed of Yang Haisong (P.K.14′s vocal) and his wife Sun Xia (P.K.14′s former bassist).

The 8 songs from their debut album are like 8 journals, serving as moving monologues of frail and burnt words. The melodies have a pure and beautiful childish rhythm, while the background is as noisy as an aged guitar factory. This confluence creates songs with delicate fluctuations and layers similar to a tumbling river. It is a brilliant album. It is unique; it attracts people with its innocence and purity. The sound is like a fading cigarette end or a scar haunting, tragic, and redeeming.

Beauty in Strangers is the second full-length studio album from Dear Eloise. It was released in January 2011 by Maybe Mars. The new album remains as melodic and poetic as their last album The Words that Were Burnt, but is more ambitious and courageous instrumentally. The couple’s synergy is felt in every detail.

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Beijing, China


Sun Xia - Vocals

Yang Haisong - Noise

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