In the spring of 2009, Birdstriking stood on D-22’s stage for the first time, quickly catching the attention of audience’s and experienced musicians.

The people found that despite occasional stumbles on stage, strings snapping and tuning issues, the band had impressive skill in arrangement and lyric writing. Their music is full of danger and passionate vitality. After observing several shows of Birdstriking, the sharp-sighted music label Maybe Mars decidedly signed with them.

Following their ever improving performance, Maybe Mars’ captain Michael excitedly described the band as one of the “self-confident new generation of Beijing bands” in an article he wrote for Universal about the Chinese underground music scene. In addition to receiving completely from Michael and other musicians, famous creative music website Noisey has made a mini-documentary for the band, and Ray-ban also invited them to play in the brand’s party show. Now, Birdstriking is the most fierce and aggressive new band of Maybe Mars.

Recently labeled by CNN as one of the pioneers of Chinese underground youth, their live shows are frenetic, with the lead singer pouring so much into his singing that he usually leaves the stage drenched in sweat.

They initially established a presence as one of the most exciting members of the new generation of bands coming out of Beijing following the No Beijing wave of bands in 2005-06. The group first achieved wider recognition in 2009 when they were selected as one of three bands to open at Yugong Yishan for PK14, Carsick Cars, and the Gar, a night that has gone down in Beijing legend when more than 300 students were turned away because the 1000-capacity club had sold out.

In January 2011, Birdstriking started recording their self-titled debut“BIRDSTRIKING” (released 2012), which includes 14 Chinese and English songs,produced and mixed by Yang Haisong. Yang has made many important albums for Maybe Mars, such as Carsick Cars, Ourself Beside Me, 8 Eye Spy and Rustic’s first albums.

For the music scene, this album demonstrates the extension of Beijing musicians’ sights, as well as the development of new indie music. The indie musicians no longer limit themselves in existing genres. They are instead beginning to embrace new ideas. Birdstriking has larger ambition, beyond noise rock, punk rock or original rock, they want to get rid of all restrictions, flying freely like birds, accepting multifarious music and sound. This new debut is just the beginning. The bird chasing freedom strikes the huge fast-moving machine, the meaning of “Birdstriking” is clear.

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Beijing, China


He Fan - Guitar / Vocals

Sun Heting - Drums

Wen Yuzhen - Guitar

Zhou Naiwen - Bass

Wang Xinjiu - Guitar

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