While each of its members, including vocalist Zheng Dong, guitarist Ahui, bassist Da Long and drummer Mao Te, crossed paths in the hilly subtropical basin in the southeastern part of Yulin, Guangxi where they grew up, it wasn’t until they settled into the hustle and bustle of Beijing that they decided to hedge their bets, and in the summer of 2016, the prototype for Backspace was born.

By the time ‘Romantic Young’, the band’s first single, was released, all semblances of dream pop had rotted out of the band’s attire. The seams of the band’s psyche had already begun to crack, opening them up to a world of surf rock fervor and post-punk grit.

In 2017, the band’s refusal to take society at face value bled into their music even more, turning their sets into a whirlwind of musical styles wrapped up in frantic energy and helping them gain further traction within the music scene. The band’s voice was being heard loud and clear, and as summer began once again the band signed to Maybe Mars.

When most bands would meticulously lord over the sound of their debut album, Backspace, recording with the legendary Yang Haisong, looked to keep the essence of their twisting sound intact – as unadulterated and unhinged as their live performances.

Recording in the studio only intensified the bands need to defy expectations, as they integrated everything from psychedelic boogie to full on krautrock into their arsenal. They hit the road for a boisterous and humbling tour through Shanghai, Ningbo, Yiwu, and Hangzhou, and later played with both their peers and idols at Maybe Mars’ Ten Year Anniversary over the National Holiday.

Since 2018, Backspace has kept their cool – rolling with the punches and taking it one day at the time. Despite their youth and all the follies of it, the band has only just begun their journey. Refusing to stick to the script is engrained in the fabric of Backspace’s sound as they hit each new wave and musical jaunt with a refined ear, open to the uncertainties that lay within their reach.

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Beijing, China


Zheng Dong - Vocals

Ahui - Guitar

Da Long - Bass

Mao Te - Drums

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