(((10))), formerly known as 10, changed their name in memory of the victims of the devastating earthquake in Japan in March of 2011. (((10))) originally formed on October 10th, 2005 by Korean new wave avant-garde musician Itta and Japanese noise creator Marqido . The band is based in Korea and has toured extensively in Asia (Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines).

(((10))) has been invited to many arts festivals in Korea, in addition to experimental music festivals in France and Spain in 2007. They have appeared in Chinese festivals such as Mini Midi (2006, 2007, 2008), DIAF (2006), and 2pi Festival (2007). (((10))) was chosen for the artist in residence programs in Kwangju and Busan in Korea, and Beijing’s Shangyuan Art Museum.

(((10))) has been included in numerous compilation albums, including:

Junk! 06 compilation (2006, Magazine Junk, Malaysia)
Brainwave communication (2007, Brainwave communication, China)
Asian Flashback (2007, PSF Records, Japan)
Pangea Noise (2008, Syrphe, Belgium)
Noise is Free (2008, CC-Sub Jam, China)
Sing For China (2009, Modern Sky Ent. China w/Yoko Ono, Deerhoof,)

(((10))) has also shared the stage with artists like Keiji Haino, Lightning Bolt, and ioioi. They have played with many Chinese artists including Li Jianhong, Carsick Cars, White, Shenggy, Shou Wang, Yan Jun, Wu Fei, Li Daiguo, FM3, Dickson Dee, Kenbo, Xiao He, Torturing Nurse, Mafeisan, and D!O!D!O!D!. The band has also done work in the realms of Butoh, Contemporary and Traditional Korean Dance, Theatre, Performance Art, Mime Arts, Indie Movies, and Art Exhibitions in Korea. In February 2009 (((10))) supported Carsick Cars on their Korean tour. In April of that year, the group led a successful tour of the United States.

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