Maybe Mars is one of the largest independent record labels in China. Launched in 2007 and based in Beijing, it’s deeply rooted in the local underground scene and maintains excellent relations with the capital’s best musicians, the media and associated organizations, with the aim to support talented Chinese musicians and artists. Given its international staff and network, Maybe Mars is able to rely upon numerous connections in the music industry in foreign countries, namely the USA, Europe and Australia, progressively increasing their musicians’ presence in these areas.

Since its inception, Maybe Mars has catapulted to fame several renowned Chinese bands such as P. K. 14, Carsick Cars and folk singer Xiao He while keeping in direct touch with the scene and continuously adding to their portfolio of exceptional artists, which to date also includes White+, Chui Wan, Hiperson, Birdstriking and Alpine Decline amongst many others.

The main focus is on making the best recordings of what Maybe Mars strongly believes are among the best rock, punk, experimental and noise artists in the country, while encouraging them to excel in their live shows. In the past, Maybe Mars was very closely associated to seminal club D-22 in the Wudaokou area in Beijing and XP, both now closed. Maybe Mars works with a network of venues throughout China, organizing several tours a year. Over the past three years, Maybe Mars has boosted their international network, especially in Europe and the USA, bringing Chinese independent music closer to Western audiences.